Costa Rica Dental Implants Clinic’s Testimonials


I am very grateful to Dr. Oriana and her team at Sonría Dental Boutique. I had high expectations and I must say that my trip to to Costa Rica to have 10 crowns and whitening zoom done, met my expectations. I would highly recommend Sonría Dental Boutique. The quality of doctors and patient care in and out of the clinic was excellent. The most notable difference is the relaxing atmosphere that you feel in the office. Thank you very much Dr. Oriana and Esteban for making me feel at home.


Before traveling to Costa Rica for dental treatment, I researched and prepared for a year. The time I took proved to be the right decision in the end. I was happy to have found Dr. Oriana. She understood my concerns about traveling alone to Costa Rica from the very beginning. The day I arrived, they were waiting to pick me up and take me to my hotel. The next day, they picked me up at my hotel, took me to my appointments and then returned me to the hotel. They made my stay so easy! I never imagined I could feel so calm in a dental clinic. They provided headphones with relaxing music, a pillow for my neck and a padded blanket while she was working inside my mouth. Dr. Oriana knows how to make her patients feel good. Everything in the clinic is a reflections of Dr. Oriana – professional, caring and loving who takes the time to listen to your concerns. The result – a spectacular treatment! After my treatment, I felt like a new person. I smile openly and feel happier than I had ever imagined!

Doreen Ortiz

I have had many procedures done by Dr. González and all have been perfect!! I am very happy with her work and would recommend her to anyone. She is patient, thorough and very good at what she does. I have a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. González.

Diane Kirk

All of my dental work that was done at Sonría Dental Boutique is perfect. I have had no problems with my crowns or my implants. Dr. Oriana is the most kind and considerate person I have ever encountered as a patient.

Tanya Ryan

When I came to Dr. Gonzalez I was ashamed of my smile. I was so insecure, I hated talking to people, and was afraid to smile. I was also very afraid to have any work done to fix it. The moment I entered her office that all changed. Her pleasant, reassuring presence took all the anxiety away. The work she did is beyond amazing & more then I could have ever dreamed for. Dr. Gonzalez has not only given me my smile back; she has brought my life back. Than You